As a community church, outreach is a huge part of our ministry. Through programs like the ones listed below, we seek to provide resources to people, free of charge, that can give assistance and support to those in need. We know that we can’t help everyone, but we also know that we can help someone. So that’s what we’re trying to do—help our community one person at a time.

Caring Community Kitchen

At its core, a church is about community. It’s about supporting our community. We know that the people that live right here, in our in own city, sometimes meet challenges that they simply can’t handle on their own.

We started Caring Community Kitchen as a way to get involved with people and meet them in their place of need. Whether you’re a single parent trying to make ends meet, a family who is struggling with their bills, or an individual who is going through a rough time, the Caring Community Kitchen is a place where you can share a meal and be served by folks who genuinely care about you. There’s no preaching, no fee, and nobody will try to convert you. We just want to help.

Caring Community Kitchen meets every Wednesday evening at 5:30PM in the Fellowship Hall.

AA Meetings

At Downers Grove Community Church, we don’t hide from our addictions; we acknowledge them—and then we seek help. DGCC hosts AA meetings at the following times:
Monday 8:00 AM
Monday 7:30 PM
Wednesday 8:00 PM
Saturday 8:00 AM